WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Who Do You Think You Are? Famous faces explore their family trees Duration: 60' - 18 seasons • Aired in 17 countries including the US (NBC & TLC), Australia (SBS), Denmark (DR), France (M6), The Netherlands (NED2) & Sweden (SVT) • 18 series in the UK (BBC One), 16 series in the Netherlands (NPO2), 12 series in Australia (SBS) and 9 series in the US (NBC/TLC) • Multiple BAFTA award-winning series • Latest format variation with host in Finland (MTV3) almost doubled the slot average Award-winning and inspiring format that takes viewers into the pasts of high-profile celebrities as they explore their family histories. Proven international hit that delivers intriguing personal stories, alongside fascinating social and cultural history that resonates for all. Delivers warmth, emotion, and surprises – including tales of heroism, love, and betrayal – as participants travel the globe to explore their ancestry. Supports and promotes the popular pastime of genealogy. Discoveries regularly attract extensive and positive press and social media attention. Produced by: Wall to Wall Original broadcast: BBC One, UK 17 Commissioned in Countries BBC One’s on Mondays in 2020 #1 SHOW 61