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The Repair Shop: Fixing History Bringing social history to life through repairs and restorations • Season 1 averaged 1.6 million viewers and a 16.2% share Duration: 60' - 1 season Important and fascinating stories from a country’s social history are explored using the repair and restoration of cherished personal items as inspiration. Each themed episode features unseen footage of three repairs, combined with archive film, to show how these items have helped shape the way we live today. For example, toy repairs provide insight to childhood through the decades, we see how vintage furniture influences modern style, and hear new war stories via restored family heirlooms. A unique and memorable way to shed new light on the past and provides further context as to why it is important for treasured personal items to be restored to their former glory Produced by: Ricochet Original broadcast: BBC One, UK WATCH TRAILER #1 in its timeslot in the UK #1 SHOW 64 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT