WB Formats 2022

The Workshop Providing unique rewards, hand-crafted in wood, for those who care about their community Duration: 60' - 1 season • Series launch performed +41% above slot average This heart-warming, hosted format sets out to recognise and reward local heroes by creating them a meaningful and stunning bespoke item of handmade wooden furniture. Members of the public nominate someone who has gone above and beyond to help local people or community projects and the host hears the moving stories behind what makes each hero - and their actions - so special. In a nearby workshop, cameras capture expert furniture-makers, along with local woodworker volunteers with interesting personal stories, designing and crafting uniquely personal gifts for each hero. An uplifting format that not only highlights and rewards the selfless actions of individuals who make a difference to other people's lives but also focuses on skill, and traditional craftsmanship Produced by: Ricochet Original broadcast: BBC Two, UK WATCH TRAILER #1 in its timeslot in the UK #1 SHOW 65