WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Clean Up Your Life Clearing up chaos in the home to free the mind Duration: 30' - 1 season An uplifting primetime lifestyle format that cleverly helps people declutter their homes, get rid of bad habits and ultimately choose the life they wish to live. To reach their goals, households receive three visits from an organisational expert and get set three bespoke tasks, tracked by surveillance cameras and confession-cams. Produced by: WBITVP Denmark Original broadcast: TV2, Denmark Selling Houses Turning things around for hard-to-sell homes Duration: 30’ / 60' 8 seasons • Also produced in France (9 seasons on M6), Australia (13 seasons on LifeStyle) & New Zealand (Discovery) • In 2013, Selling Houses Australia was the highest-rating series on LifeStyle and the #1 programme on Pay TV No-nonsense property experts show people whose homes have been on the market for ages how to maximize profits and achieve a quick sale. Participants get a home and marketing makeover, while viewers are presented with valuable take-out on topics such as pricing, presentation, and communication. Produced by: Ricochet Original broadcast: Channel 4, UK WATCH TRAILER 70 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT Launched as on TV2 #1 SHOW