WB Formats 2022

Back in Time for... Time travelling families transform to experience life decade by decade Duration: 60' - 8 seasons • Aired in 6 countries: Australia (ABC), Belgium (RTBF), Canada (CBC), Italy (Discovery), Norway (TV2) & Spain (Atresmedia) • Multiple spin-off versions include Back in Time For... Dinner, Christmas, School and the Weekend Unique and entertaining living history format that sees a thoroughly modern family fast-forward through a historical revolution inside the family home. Focusing on one decade each episode, they experience more than half a century of social and cultural evolution in a matter of weeks. Families live, work and dress as they would have at the time, comparing key aspects with today and assessing how some things have radically changed. Cultural aspects explored in each decade include food and cooking, holidays, fashion, music and how leisure time was spent. Produced by: Wall to Wall Original broadcast: BBC Two, UK WATCH TRAILER 6 Commissioned in Countries 77