WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER The Garden Angels Transforming the overlooked and overgrown into glorious gardens Duration: 60' - 1 season Presenters tap into the skills and knowledge of amateur gardeners to transform disused and rundown land into glorious outdoor spaces for deserving people. Brimming with energy, the amateurs put their varied skills to the test and also inspire local volunteers to help them create the new gardens. Produced by: Renegade Original broadcast: BBC One, UK Hidden History Local residents bring history alive Duration: 60' - 1 season In each episode, a host immerses themself in a town or village that is home to an iconic and historical place, e.g. a church, famous house or tower. Locals with a link to the iconic place meet there with the host, sharing their related artefacts, stories, and fascinating family histories. Produced by: BlazHoffski Original broadcast: NTR/NPO2, The Netherlands 79