WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Food Unwrapped Incredible information revealing the truth behind our favourite foods • Licensed to Germany (Sat.1), Norway (TV2) & the UK (Channel 4) • 33 seasons in The Netherlands; regularly performs 300% above slot average • 213 episodes produced so far in the UK Duration: 30' - 33 seasons An award-winning format that provides viewers with useful information about everyday foods, helping them to make informed choices. Intrepid journalists travel the globe and examine every aspect of the food industry, challenging assumptions and revealing surprising information. For example, they'll find 'fresh' meat that has been frozen for years and 'traditional' Italian pasta made by machine. The questions they raise are sometimes simple and hilarious, but the answers are always shocking and thought-provoking. Produced by: BlazHoffski Original broadcast: NPO3, The Netherlands 84 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT