WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER WATCH TRAILER Superfoods: The Real Story Which foods really deserve the 'super' title? Duration: 30’ / 60'3 seasons Topical investigative format in which a charismatic and driven host goes on a mission to discover the science behind the claims about everyone’s favourite superfoods. Which dietary miracles can prevent cancer or slow down the ageing process? What's proven to be true and what's misleading? And which superfoods really can be called super? Produced by: Ricochet Original broadcast: Channel 4, UK Food Unwrapped Investigates The truth - and lies - behind headline-grabbing food stories Duration: 30' - 1 season Hard-hitting, sometimes shocking, but always accessible, this topical format sees intrepid reporters investigating the truth around all the latest headlinegrabbing food scandals. Each episode is a deep-dive into one subject - such as food labelling or 'miracle' appetite suppressants and includes analysis and explanation from experts and scientists, as well as contributions from whistle-blowers. Produced by: Ricochet Original broadcast: Channel 4, UK 85