WB Formats 2022

14 Commissioned in Countries Hello Goodbye Intriguing human stories captured at the airport • Aired in 14 countries including the US (Travel Channel), Australia (Nine), Brazil (GNT), Germany (Sat. 1), Norway (TV2), Chile (Canal 13), Italy (Discovery) & Argentina (Telefe) • Season 11 commissioned in Brazil Duration: 30' - 22 seasons Moving and emotional reality format that captures the everyday stories of people being welcomed home or saying farewell at airports. Plays on the natural curiosity of people watching: Where have they been? What were they doing? Why are they crying? From re-united lovers to leaving to start a new life, every episode discovers intriguing stories of love, family and friendship. Features heartwarming, incredible and surprising stories about people from all cultures and walks of life – and they are all real. Produced by: BlazHoffski Original broadcast: NCRV, The Netherlands WATCH TRAILER • After ten years and 22 seasons in The Netherlands, this remains one of the country’s top-rated series in primetime 98 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT